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Our 'Post- Graduate' program with or without college credits offer the opportunity to build student- athletes/performers CV to maximize their chance of being recruited for college/university abroad. Students will have the chance of creating highlight videos which is crucial in the recruitment process. As well as becoming familiar with the college environment for easier transition to their freshman year. Students undergo advanced college-level training & coaching, while competing locally & internationally with similar groups and institutions.

Most excitingly, at the end of the year our 'College Placement' initiative will take the load off the students finding a college, as we would take on the job of peering students with colleges based on individual preferences


The costs below are without College Credits. With college credits, prices defers based on the modules and number of credits.


2 Installment (per semester)  $     227.00         



Semester 1: Tuition               $     454.00


Total Semester                      $     454.00


Semester 2: Tuition               $     454.00


Total Annual                          $     907.00



All fees are quoted in US Dollars. Payments shall be made in US currency or Jamaican dollar equivalent at the exchange rate on the day of payment.

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