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Dreaming of the Big Leagues: Garvin's Chance at LA Galaxy II Tryouts

You might remember Garvin from when he last made headlines on LAX News for attending a tryout at Florida Gulf Coast University in June.

This time, it is not a university that he is eying but rather a football (soccer) club in Los Angeles. The 22 year old Academy player expects to put his best foot forward with hopes of impressing the coaches at LA Galaxy II in November.

"It's arranged by the Academy for him to tryout at LA Galaxy II" Saqlain, the Academy's Head of School confirmed.

He further added that they [Saqlain & Garvin] have been in dialogue about the next steps even before leaving Florida. Fast forward to 4 months later, he is now on route to his next trial.

Academy officials expressed how proud they are of Garvin and spoke of his commitment not only to the Academy but towards his career and the determination he shows in making the best of the opportunities presented by LAX Society.

"This goes to show that we are very strategic in our planning.You might hear of it just days before but I can guarantee that our international trials are properly planned and arranged intentionally for each individually." Saqlain commented.

- Based on the itinerary provided to LAX News, Garvin will leave early November for Las Vegas. Stay tuned for more updates.


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