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From Regional to National: Daniel's Journey as a Champion

Daniel and his college- Saint Louis Community College (STLCC) won back to back titles to secure a spot in the National Championship. The LAX Academy alumnus matriculated from the Academy to STLCC in January 2022 and is now making the entire Academy proud.

"Daniel was always patient. He would always tell the guys that everyone's timing is different and they should listen to the coaches, pray and trust in God." Commented Saqlain Wildman, Head of School at LAX Academy.

He [Daniel] is no stranger to the LAX community and have earned the support and respect of all long before joining STLCC. He was always like a 'big brother' to the lads at the Academy; someone they look up, trust and not to mention how much the community believed in him.

STLCC have been to the regional final 3 times, and now with the help of Daniel, they are champions.

It all started with a dream that a boy raised in Spanish, Jamaica had. Proudly, he is now living that dream and making himself proud. "He is a true Champion not just because of the trophies but his character and determination. He is truly an inspiration to the entire Academy and I have no doubt that this is only the beginning of a tremendous career." concluded Saqlain, Head of School LAX Academy.

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