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Romario's Departure: A Highly-Anticipated Trial in England

On November 8, 2023 the Academy U23 player and 2023 Player of the Year departed for trials in England.

Romario is regarded by spectators as the best player in the Academy. A compliment he earned by moving up the ranks and proving himself. In 2021 he won the award for the most improved player, a few months later in 2022 that same work rate earned him a trial in Florida. Then, in 2023 he won the player of the year award from a pool of over 25 players. "A testament to his hard work." Saqlain, Head of Academy commented.

So, it is no surprise now to see him taking his talent to new heights. A challenge that the coaches and players at LAX believe firmly that he is prepared for.

"It is more than just signing a contract,it is about the experience and showing class. Letting scouts [and] coaches see what Romario Skinner can bring to their team and add to their team. Hopefully being successful. That's my expectation." Romario expressed in a pre-departure interview.

The Academy's Head Coach, Javaune Codlin describes Romario as a top professional and a incredible human being. "A person that any coach would want to be apart of their group or around their team because off the field he's also a good human being and that is critical." Javaune stated in an interview with LAX TV before departing for England with Romario.

In a itinerary provided to LAX TV, it shows that he [Romario] will be in England for 2 weeks at Manchester International Football Academy. It is also expected that he will tryout at another team in Manchester and watched by scouts; representatives of teams in England.


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