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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions cover all programs offered by LAX Academy for Athletics & Creative Arts (LAX Academy). They are effective and cover all home and overseas students and players. A player`s enrollment and/or payment for the program will serve as an agreement to these terms.


1. All students and players of LAX Academy must exclusively train and compete for the Academy unless otherwise arranged.


2. All players must arrive at the academy on time and be ready to start all sessions at the time stated on the timetable.


3. Team selections for matches will be made on merit and at the discretion of the Manager and Coaching staff


4. Responsibility for student’s personal belongings rests solely with the students themselves, even when those belongings are in LAX Academy buildings or on Campus. We suggest that each student has adequate insurance to cover their belongings. If a player leaves their belongings within the academy`s possession, it shall be destroyed after 2 weeks without claim or collection.

5. All students and players must follow the Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

1. At no point should a player discriminate against another whether it be to their own team members or the opposing team, this may include but not limited to discrimination against: Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, Physical and/or mental state.

2. At no point should a player influence/instigate any fight with another member of team or opposing team while on or off the field. 

3. Freedom of expression is a given right but should not be abuse or expressed  in any way that degrades any one Person, Organization, Country and/or Self.

4. Respect Official's decisions while on the field even when you feel cheated (there is no way to win except to get kicked off the field and lose game time).

5. Respect the coaches decisions,(if not in agreement with a decision, peacefully explain to have them resolved).

6. NEVER DISCLOSE PRIVATE INTERNAL BUSINESS CONVERSATIONS  TO THE PUBLIC, (whether by social media or social discussion with friends) 

7. NEVER  DISCLOSE PRIVATE DISAGREEMENTS/ AGREEMENTS WITH THE PUBLIC ( if you have an issue and it is internally related then it should ONLY  be discussed and resolved internally UNLESS legal issue arise then it should ONLY BE DISCLOSED TO THE PARTIES INVOLVED AND THEIR LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE.

8. No one should be involved in any illegal activities, ( illegal possession of a firearm, Theft, murder, Assault, possession of illegal substances, scam etc) 

Refund Policy (for fees paid)

We would prefer you not to make payments until you are certain you will be attending, as full fees cannot be returned or refunded.

Program Fees and Tuitions Fees

1. Students and players have up to 45 days after payment but before the start date of a program to claim refund. 

2. Students and players are only obligated to 50% refund of the full tuition/program fee for request made in accordance with point 1. As a 50% non-refundable deposit would have been required to secure one's spot in a program.

3. Refunds will not be issued to students who decide to withdraw from a course after the confirmed start date (which will be provided during enrolment.) Your booking can be deferred to the next semester or available program, with no additional fee or charges if administrators are notified two weeks prior to the start date, provided there are spaces available.

4. Players registered will remain on the program until completion; any players wishing to leave during the course will receive no refund of monies paid.

5. Players asked to leave the academy based on breach of any rules or code of conduct will not be entitled to refunds.

6. LAX Academy will not issue a refund if the academy is forced, requires or chooses to close due to a reason out of LAX Academy’s control. As an example, Act of God, national holiday, building closure, health and safety reasons, virus or illness infection etc, at the Director’s discretion. LAX Academy students shall not be liable for a refund in this situation, if the closure prevents the student from attending training for any period of time.

Package fee, Tryout Fee, and Payments in regards to exit trials and international trips

These fees are non-refundable, however, if there's an emergency that prevents the player from attending during the stipulated time frame or visa denial, he/she will have the opportunity of attending a new event organised and arranged by the Academy within 9-12 months time.

Visa Refusal, in respect to tuition fee

If a player receives a visa refusal from the embassy, they may choose to apply for a refund. 

1.It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure information is submitted in an appropriate way when applying for a visa. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility of a refund.

2. The visa refusal letter is to be provided to the academy, on request of a refund. 

3.  If the visa has been refused due to lack or incorrect evidence provided by the applicant, a refund will not be awarded. This includes completing the application wrong and submitting inaccurate details.

Refun Policy
Refund Process and Timing

The below information is applicable to all fees paid to the Academy whether listed or unlisted unless a specific refund policy was displayed or presented at the time of purchase or payment.

For a refund to be processed, it must be requested by completing the Refund Form. Following this, providing the information is all correct, you shall receive an email to confirm you have been added to the refund queue. 

Refun Timing

1. Refund Queue- To ensure refund payments are made in chronological order to which they were requested, each refund shall be put within the queue and worked through one at a time.  

2. Timing- LAX Academy cannot give out dates as to when the accounts department shall process the payment. However, LAX Academy do guarantee that all confirmed and approved refunds, which have been added to the queue, unlisted fees/payments shall be processed within two weeks (14 business days) after the email is sent that you have been added to the queue. Program and/or tuition fees shall be processed by the end of the following semester to which the request was made in.

3. Refunds will only be issued via bank transfer and only made to the person or organization from whom the fees were received. 


*For the purpose of this terms and conditions, unlisted fees refer to fees that are not listed in the terms and conditions or on the Academy's website.

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