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  • How many semesters make up to program?
    2 main Semesters (Fall & Spring) and 1 optional Semester (Summe
  • Can I join at any time?
    Yes, because of our rolling admission, you can join at any time doing the year. However, you will be considered a part-time student-athlete/performer. Your enrollment will expire 5 months after starting unless renewed.
  • When does the semester begins?
    Semester 1: August (Fall), Semester 2: January (Spring), Semester 3: June (Summer, optional)
  • How long is a semester?
    5 months, excluding the summer semester (optional) which is 3 months and comes at a lower cost
  • What is an Exit Trial?
    An exit trial is a final arrangement by LAX Academy at the end of your program. Where student-athletes & performers are sent abroad to try out for clubs, colleges/universities, academies, and institutions based on their field.
  • Is it guaranteed that I will be selected for an exit trial abroad?
    Yes, being enrolled automatically qualifies you for a trial ID Camp at LAX FC in Canada.
  • How long is the full-time program?
    1 year (3 semesters)
  • Can I still be offered exit trials as a part-time student-athlete/performer?
    Yes, the same exit trial rules apply.
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